My fears? Level 4. I don’t know what I got myself into. How come I didn’t choose another career. I love the patho of nursing and caring for other but nursing school is like argghh not hard but tough. Especially with my situation. I have no choice but to pass. It’s just oajdibdlbsh

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Clinicals at 5 am at the heart hospital >.
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Life so far has been a little stressful (waking up early everyday ;-;) but I can’t complain. I have two jobs and I am in level 4 nursing school. Level 4 has been somewhat good to me so far buuut let’s go ahead and throw in the fact that I have my first exam next Monday and I am freaking out! :o I really don’t know what to expect of the 1st exam. May God bless my soul

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Tbt whatever that means :3

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San Antonio san antonio san antonio :3

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Daily look rocco purse, robot shirt, owls.

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On July 13th was my boyfriend’s birthday anndd guess what?!? :”D he’s finally 21 yay!!!

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Meet my newest pet! Ham/Hammy!! :”3 
He’s an early birthday present from ky cousins and I love him!!!
He’s a fatty c:

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Yesterday me and my boyfriend went to the library to study for his A&P final. Finals are getting close woo!! Isn’t he soo cute studying for his finals :’3 We also went quick shopping to the stores and the Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes I had found for sell the other day were gone so boo! :c In other news I did find the novel Delirium that I have been wanting to read. I am a happy camper :P

Also, Lexi has begun celebrating for the 4th of July with her glow stick necklace hehe C: 

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On Tuesday me and my love went shopping to target and I got a lot of stuff for so little money yay!! :3 Also, doesn’t that “woman” look like a man?! :o

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Lazy day today, lazy day tomorrow :3
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Work tommorow? Lazy day today? I say yes P:
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My day today was I can say relaxing, fun, and warm :3 I spent the early afternoon pretty much cleaning up and making lexi some company. She runs after me everywhere-its adorable! At 4 I went with my boyfriend to the library. At times I would sneak peeks at him and ohh my goodness he’s soo adorable I loooove him!! <33 While he studied for A&P 2 I went on to find two nursing books to prepare for level 4 :o and…I alsooo found The Giver woo!! Ever since I saw the trailer I’ve been wanting to read it. After that I watched a show called Community that my handsome recommended to me and I have to say it was a good and funny show which I will continue watching. Then I wandered through the internet and watched an episode of the vampire diaries and ahh I am almost done with season 5 wahhhttt? :O

On our way out of the library we saw a rainbow!! :D I have yet to see a double rainbow hehe c:

All in all my day was really good. My boyfriend’s presence is my everything <33

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