My boyfriend got me an Easter fox basket!!!

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The heart wants what the heart wants.
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I have abandoned you turmblr! :c but I am back!
I never thought pediatrics would take more time than Med Surg >.> I passed though!!! Starting on Monday I begin with obstretics and ahh babies!!! :’D I love those tiny humans.
I’m ready for going to the nursery where I want to work , the neonatal intensive care unit, deliveries, and c-sections! Woo babies :3

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Tumblr where have you been?!

First thought on my mind: I am sleepy, tired, feel icky, and meh. I finished my first pedi clinical! I love it. Everything is so small and tiny. I had the chance to deliver Zosyn through the IV pump. My patient was a 6 year old and he was adorable! He had a twin that he is very close to. Cutest thing ever. Have I mentioned that I want twins because I do! Pedi clinical #1 went great. Tomorrow I go to ER and ahh so excited! I might get to insert and IVs and such.

Also, I hadn’t had the time to mention it buuut my love met lexi!

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New blog!

I have made a new blog on blogspot and yay!! Blogs <3 
My new blog is

Of course I will keep this blog! I just simply added another :3 
Happy blogging! C:

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Some parents cut their kid’s wings off. 

They want to do as they please with their kids. They want them to study what they want. A kid’s dream is simply trash to them. They shame them. The older brother laughs at the kid’s dream taunting that it will never happen. They want their kid to date whoever they, the parents, want. Their kid wants to live a productive life and someday become a nurse to help people. They shame the kid. They want the kid to study some small career and not grow.The kid has always grown up in fear since 6th grade of being torn away from their dream, writing in small notebooks about the dream. The kid explaining to mom a song about a dream and mom ignoring. The kid loves the family, the kid is hurt. The kid is different from the family, thinks correctly. Everything the kid does is wrong. What’s my offense this time?  But even if the kids wings are damaged…the kid can still hover and run. The kid is no longer a kid. The kid is me.

Well now i can fend for myself. 

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Things guys take for granted…

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I’m not as good as you think I am.

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Me and my love made a salad and a fruit pizza c,: all I can say is super yummy!!! P:

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My amazing boyfriend bought me a cherry blossom pendant necklace from pandora for Christmas!! :”3 and it’s perfect and beautiful, thankyou so much my love!! I adore it! :-*
You mean the world to me C:

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Be thankful for what you have: you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

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Consolment for when level 3 begins.

Remember: A is excellent, B is good, but C = RN.

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